Specialized Translation

Understanding what we translate...

Translators are first and foremost specialists in the languages in which they work. However, it is not enough to be familiar with the words that make up the fabric of a text; the underlying threads must also be understood.

Thus, over the course of our work, in keeping with our personal interests, our intellectual curiosity, and the passion that our clients have communicated to us, we have acquired more advanced knowledge in certain fields. We offer you an overview in the list opposite.

Sectors and subjects we know well

Aerospace/aeronautics sector

Motorization, piloting, flight mechanics, green fuels, procurement

Natural resources

Responsible supply chain, artisanal mining, revenue transparency

​​Medical research

Vision health, stem cell transplantation, orphan diseases, public health, geriatrics

Law, legal services

Contract law, business law, international trade compliance, ethics and professionalism, etc.

Why should you choose a translator who is familiar with your activities?
  • Less risk of mistranslation
  • Less time spent on internal review
  • Better-quality text
How much does it cost?

Rates range from $0.30 to $0.40 per word, depending on how technical and how unique the text is.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project. We can then provide you with a quote.

Remember: We may be well-informed, but you are still the expert...

You are the expert! Your content remains your responsibility and your intellectual property at all times. However, you should know that we put all our knowledge, our curiosity, and our professionalism at the service of your texts.

Our team of language professionals

combines the skills and expertise of 15 translators, 3 revisers, 3 writers . . . and a host of partners with whom we have preferred agreements to meet your needs in multiple languages.