General Translation

English <> French translation

As the two official languages are an integral part of our culture and daily lives, they are the ones we know best and in which we have developed recognized expertise over the past 20 years.

Translation in many other languages

We have built long-lasting relationships with several independent translators and specialized agencies so that you can access all the language services you need to boost your business.

We can translate your English or French documents into Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Mandarin, Dutch, and any other language to communicate with your clients, employees, and partners.

Original text or translation?

Translation is not simply a matter of transcribing words from one language to another. We translate words, of course, but we focus on the ideas, the tone, the intention, and the multiple layers of meaning, to express them in the natural and idiomatic style of the target language. Above all, translators have great writing skills.

Our ultimate goal is to dazzle your readers by making it impossible to tell which version is the original text. Your readers deserve no less!

What is “general translation’’?

General translation refers to the translation of texts that can be understood by the majority of readers. It requires little or no terminology research and no specialized training or industry-specific experience. Well-rounded translators with broad general knowledge and good writing skills are great resources.

You can find more information on specialized translation here.

In 2020 alone, we translated:
  • 753,528 words – English > French
  • 155,685 words – French > English
  • 20,593 words – English or French > other languages

Now imagine the wealth of knowledge and added experience acquired through thousands of projects in a wide range of industries…

How much does it cost?

Translation costs are usually based on a per-word rate. Many variables are taken into account: nature of the text (technical, general, advertising, legal), format, deadlines, etc. The rate generally ranges from $0.25 to $0.35 per word. The cost for certain short texts requiring adaptation is determined on an hourly or flat-rate basis.

Our team of language professionals

combines the skills and expertise of 15 translators, 3 revisers, 3 writers . . . and a host of partners with whom we have preferred agreements to meet your needs in multiple languages.