Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most common questions that we receive from new clients.

Yes. We can translate your English and French documents into another language, including Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Mandarin (Chinese), Dutch, German, etc. We can also translate your foreign language documents into English or French. We have negotiated agreements with other specialized agencies and freelance translators around the world, which allows you to benefit from advantageous rates.

No, our services are offered exclusively to companies, organizations, and institutions.

Our rates are based on a number of variables: volume, deadline, source and target languages for translations, type of text (technical, legal, general, advertising, etc.), and service requested (translation, revision, adaptation, writing, etc.). Contact us for our price list or a quote.

We can provide a quote in less than 24 hours when the text is in Word or PDF format. Call us if your deadlines are tighter!

We consider our rates to be fair and representative of the quality of our work. We give the same attention to a project that is only a few paragraphs as we do to a project that is many pages in length.

We handle translation of content intended for subtitling provided in .doc format, but we do not do video transcription or subtitle integration.

In translation and revision alike, any work that must be delivered in less than 24 hours is considered a rush job. The base rate is then increased by 25% to 50%.

For the translation of a general text that is not particularly difficult and is less than 500 words, we usually deliver within 24 to 48 hours. For each additional 1,000 words, we add one business day to the delivery time.

For revision jobs, the scale is 3,000 words per day. For example, the average turnaround time is three to five business days for a text of 10,000 words. If the work must be completed in two days, the base hourly rate will be increased by 25% to 50%, depending on the degree of difficulty and the initial quality of the text.

Yes, we can perform a translation or revision test of less than 500 words as part of a vendor selection process.

Some machine translation engines offer amazing translations! However, in order to get good results, the source text must meet certain requirements: it must be general in nature and of near-impeccable quality, free of ambiguities, avoiding puns, fixed expressions, and double meanings, etc. You will still need to check the text carefully after automatic processing if you want to obtain a quality text that respects the spirit of the target language. In more than 95% of cases, it will cost you more to have such texts corrected and improved than to have them translated by humans. We carefully monitor the evolution of these tools, conduct regular tests, and are ready to modify our practice as soon as the technology is mature, which is not yet the case in 2022.

No, we do not offer that service.

Consult the Ordre des traducteurs directory to find a professional in your area—you will need to submit the original and allow for processing times.

It is difficult for us to target only one type of error, and turn a blind eye to all other errors or blunders, because we are committed to submitting a “publication-worthy” revised text according to generally accepted standards. Of course, we are happy to disregard any words that are part of the jargon of your company or industry, even if they are proven Gallicisms, but we will still point out the first occurrence in the margin to allow you to make an informed decision and demonstrate that this is not an oversight on our part.

The quotes offered are firm (unless otherwise indicated) and are based on the texts submitted. If you modify your texts after the work has already begun, the quote will be modified accordingly. In all cases, the invoice will be in accordance with the quote.

We generally charge $30 for small projects like adapting a sentence, revising a paragraph, or writing a few lines. However, for clients for whom it is possible to account for several small projects on a monthly invoice, we will invoice the actual cost of each of the projects. We are also open to negotiating flat rates with regular clients.

We accept rush jobs depending on the availability of competent resources for your particular project. However, we only accept rush jobs if we are confident that we can do a quality job. Rates for rush jobs are increased by 25% to 50%.

Yes, we can do rush jobs outside normal working hours (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) depending on the availability of the competent resources. The base rate is then increased by 50%.

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