Content Writing

The right content, the right format, the right vehicle

In the age of information overload, where the real message is drowned out by a barrage of keywords and filler phrases aimed at generating clicks and visits, it is important to get back to basics: respect for the reader.

By constantly keeping in mind your ideal reader (client, volunteer, donor, employee, member, etc.) and your intention, it is easier to know what to say, how to communicate it, and by what means.

Typical content

  • website

  • intranet article

  • social media post

  • press release

  • speech

  • leaflet, brochure

  • video narration

  • slogan
Writing guide
  • Define the objective of the communication and the main message

  • Know the target audience

  • Strike the right balance

  • Write for people, not for a search engine

Our team of language professionals

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