Adaptation and Optimization

Different types of adaptation

You already have a lot of texts on a given subject, but none of them are perfectly suited to a given purpose, context, audience, or medium. We can help you adapt and optimize your content.

Simplification for a general audience

This is the process of making a text on a technical or highly specialized subject originally intended for an audience of insiders understandable to a wider audience. For example, your researchers have published an article in a specialized journal that you would like to make into a press release for the general public.

Adaptation for a particular medium

The content is presented and organized differently depending on whether it is distributed on the Web, in print, as subtitles in a video, in a speech, etc.

Adaptation for a target audience

Here are some examples:

  • one guide for patients and another for caregivers

  • a leaflet for teens and a version for parents

  • announcement of a restructuring to employees, shareholders, and suppliers

  • one company description for clients and another for job applicants

Cultural and lexical adaptation (localization)

Let’s take the example of a recipe. In France, the ingredients are measured by weight; in Quebec, they are listed in units of volume. The availability of ingredients, not to mention their names—brown sugar is sucre roux in France and cassonade in Quebec—also varies from country to country. We can help you adapt a text to the cultural sensitivities and lexical preferences of your different readerships.

We can adapt your texts for the following audiences:

France <> Quebec

Canada <> United Kingdom <> United States

Portugal <> Brazil

Spain <> various South American countries

Optimization / rewriting

You have written a text, but you are not entirely satisfied with it, or you believe that an outside opinion would be useful to improve it and make sure you reach your target. We can help you organize your ideas and enrich your content.

How much does it cost?

The cost of an adaptation is usually a flat fee. Tell us about your project, and we can assess the associated workload.

Our team of language professionals

combines the skills and expertise of 15 translators, 3 revisers, 3 writers . . . and a host of partners with whom we have preferred agreements to meet your needs in multiple languages.