Your boutique translation agency... small but mighty!

At Annie Talbot Language Services, we have been providing translation, proofreading, editing, adaptation, and copywriting services since 2002. We are a team of 15 handpicked, experienced language professionals and, with unparalleled know-how, we deliver high-quality, publication-worthy texts.



Translation We’d rather adapt your message than merely translate words. We are not wizards and magicians, but we strive on enchanting our clients. And we are ambitious! We challenge you to tell which version is the original text and which is the translation...


Linguistic rules and norms matter, but they should not impede clarity and accuracy: each industry and every company have their own vocabulary. We strive to master the concepts and terminology that are unique to your business. Customary usage (also) dictates effective communication.

Content Writing

With so many things to plan, problems to solve, and solutions to invent, you might not have time to draft content for your website, press releases, blog posts, letters to clients, etc. We can help! We are a team of professional writers.

Adaptation / Optimization

Your text is not perfectly suited to its intended use, but it essentially captures the message you want to convey. The delivery of your message requires fine-tuning. We tackle this delicate exercise in style as we would a puzzle, and we love challenges and riddles!

Our team of language professionals

combines the skills and expertise of 15 translators, 3 revisers, 3 writers . . . and a host of partners with whom we have preferred agreements to meet your needs in multiple languages.